Product Info/Care

Product Information/Care


Pika & Bear is committed to offering hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious jewelry, and accessories


1. All Pika and Bear jewelry is sourced, and manufactured to be nickel free. Nickel is a non-toxic metal that for approximately 5% of the population causes an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis) ranging from a minor irritation to a severe rash. If you have extreme sensitivities to metals such as nickel it is advised to avoid all fashion grade jewelry. 


   2. All Pika and Bear is sourced, and manufactured to be lead free. Lead is a toxic metal if ingested, especially in large quantities. Lead is especially dangerous to young children. It is recommended to keep all fashion grade jewelry away from children, as well as avoid sucking on or ingesting fashion grade jewelry. 


  3. Pika & Bear jewelry contains small parts and may pose a choking hazard to children. Please keep your Pika & Bear jewelry, as well as all other jewelry, and small objects away from small children. 


Product Care


To maximize the longevity of your products it is recommended to follow the care instructions by product type listed below.


All Products


 - Unless otherwise stated below avoid exposing your jewelry to chemicals including (but not limited too) saltwater, acids, alcohols, solvents, chlorine, atmospheric pollutants, cosmetics, perfumes, sweat, excessive moisture, and strong chemical cleaning agents. 


-   When not in use it is recommended to keep your jewelry in dry place, and in its storage pouch/box. 


Raw Brass/Brass


- Brass can range in patina from a bright golden colour to a dull greyish brown. All brass with naturally tarnish with time giving it an "antiqued" look. To restore brass to original brightness:

- mix 3 parts white vinegar to 1 part table salt in a small glass or container (stir).

- Agitate your jewelry in the solution until desired brightness is obtained.

- Rinse with clean water, dry. 


Gold Plated/Silver Plated (Fashion Grade)


- Minimize exposure to sweat, and moisture. Do not expose to abrasives (ie scrubbing pad). It is recommended that fashion grade plated rings are only worn sparingly. 


Sterling Silver 


0.925 sterling silver is a durable, precious metal which will hold value over your lifetime!


- Sterling silver can be exposed to water, including saltwater, and chlorinated water. It is okay to shower, do dishes, go swimming, and participate in any, and all activities while wearing sterling silver. 


- Atmospheric chemicals (ie. smog) can tarnish silver over time. The best way to prevent tarnish is to wear your jewelry often, including in the shower. If your jewelry does tarnish, try wearing it in the shower, or bath for a couple days- it should shine right back up. Commercial polishing products are available for severe tarnish but many DIY tarnish removal methods can be found by doing an quick internet search. The easiest way to keep your sterling silver jewelry shiny is to wear it!


Gold Vermeil/Gold Filled (Including E-COAT)


-Gold vermeil is heavy, durable layer of (minimum 10K) gold plating over 925 sterling silver measured in microns. A minimum of 1 micron thickness is the legal standard definition for vermeil in Canada. In the US the legal standard for vermeil is 2.5 microns thickness. Often vermeil is treated with a ceramic e-coat. This is similar to a clear coat on an automotive finish, and is exceptionally hard and durable. Over time even this level of quality can begin to lose its gold plating revealing the sterling silver underneath. At this point your jewelry may be re-plated, or you may wish to let it become completely silver. It is recommended to prolong the life of your vermeil jewelry that you minimize contact with sweat, and other liquids. We also recommended that vermeil rings are worn sparingly.

-Gold Filled is an even higher level of quality - at least 5% of the items weight must be composed of fine gold, ensuring a lifetime retention of its gold colour.